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Kenneth Alexis

Jaya & Niranjali Dannemora Auckland

Dear Kenneth,

Thank you so much for the marketing of my home at the above address and giving me positive results with in just one and a half weeks which really amazed me and my wife.

I am so sorry as initially when you asked me for the marketing costs I gave you a hard time as the other agent who marketed for more than one month did not asked me anything like that nature. I did not know what marketing was all about. Now I know it is not putting a flag up and advertising in the Property Press. It is lot more than that. I read your profile only after receiving the unconditional offer. With your law background in property, business & litigation I felt that you helped me more than the my solicitor.

I am really impressed the way you asked me to get things organized initially. You helped me how to present the property which helped me to get the property sold within a very short time. You asked me to do certain things which I never thought of doing but hadn’t you asked me to do so, I would have never done it which I also agree that helped me to get the right offer with in such a short amount of time. Hadn’t you asked me to land scape the property (with a minimum cost), paint the garage floor, fix the broken tiles water blast the property.& polished the sink benches etc, I know now, that I would have not sold the property for such a good price & with in a shortest possible time. I never knew what you asked me to do is that important.

I know I spent only thousand dollars plus for all the work but the offer was beyond my expectations. Honestly I got $30,000 more than what I expected. I thought the lower the commission the better it is for me. I have realized it depends upon the person who is marketing the property not the company. When I counter signed the offer you were able to close the deal within an hour’s time. You were so committed dedicated apart prom that your honesty counted me a lot. Your tender marketing process gave me the best opportunity to select the best offer and also to reach the best price from the best bidder.

Kenneth now I have realized it is not the brand but have to consider the person whom you are dealing with. I am more than happy to tell all my friends & colleagues to contact you when they have any real estate needs.

Wishing you all the best with your future vendors.


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