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ONE - ATTITUDE: Kenneth is an energetic, enthusiastic, dedicated, committed & trustworthy sales professional who has the determination to make things happen for you. This means he will always go the extra mile for you.

TWO - EXPERIENCE: Kenneth has worked in different market conditions since 1995 and is fully experienced in marketing and achieving results even with difficult property situations or markets. This means he can get the best results possible for you right now.

THREE - KNOWLEDGE: Kenneth has also completed his legal studies Property Law. Business Law, Estate Law & Litigation Law. This knowledge has proved to be extremely valuable in his career. This means you are protected by his knowledge.

FOUR - PASSION: Kenneth is a people person and has a real passion for real estate. He enjoys interacting with people from all walks of life and particularly enjoys the challenge of understanding people’s needs and achieving the best possible for his vendors. This means he will always be in touch and keep you informed.

FIVE - SKILLS: Kenneth is an excellent negotiator when it comes to property matters and is much focused on achieving win/win outcomes. This means he wants both you and buyers to be excited with the result.

SIX - RESULTS: The properties he has sold have achieved results beyond vendors expectations within short time frames. On-site and after hour’s auctions has given premium results. The attached testimonials show how he has achieved this. This shows how skilled he is.

42 Services That Kenneth Alexis Offers His Clients

  1. Preparing and submitting our marketing proposal. 

  2. Advising on preparation of home before marketing commences. 

  3. Liaison with Council when required to ascertain zoning, roading, changes by-laws etc. 

  4. Advising on the necessity to obtain a LIM report and how these can otherwise influence S & P agreement. 

  5. Advising the vendor if any defects and introducing skilled labour when it is required. 

  6. Preparation of real estate statistics to provide sales evidence of similar properties. 

  7. Completing the listing authority form. 

  8. Discussing the S &P agreement form, so you understand how offers on your property will be presented. 

  9. Input details of listing into the computer network system. 

  10. Details of property distributed through HARCOURTS. 

  11. Writing and creating and advertisements. 

  12. Photographing property and sign erection. 

  13. Erect open home signboards in street corners for better exposure. 

  14. Advertising on open home column in Property press. 

  15. Database clients contacted. 

  16. Specific target marketing undertaken(e.g. developers, investors etc) 

  17. Arranging for sales team to visit property. 

  18. Team work promotion of the property to other branch sales staff. 

  19. Place a stotlock on site. 

  20. Creating flyers and dropping off flyers. 

  21. Writing and submitting advertising copy & placing of advertisements in selected media. 

  22. Buyers’ inspection including transport when necessary. 

  23. Advertising, organising and conducting of open homes. 

  24. Inspect the property one day prior to the open home for better presentation. 

  25. Exposure to the HARCOURTS local, regional and International- huge marketing machine. 

  26. Exposure to the Internet through, & 

  27. Discussing the property, weekly with our team at sales meetings. 

  28. Follow-up buyers and overcoming objections from buyers. 

  29. Educating buyers about the current market & assisting in seeking finance for buyers. 

  30. Giving verbal feedback to vendors. 

  31. Giving written feedback on weekly basis to the vendors. 

  32. Regular face to face meetings with the vendor. 

  33. Send the necessary documents to buyers before taking the offer on paper under REAA 2008. 

  34. Agreement preparation and presentation of the agreement and negotiating. 

  35. Lodging sales & purchase agreement with both parties’ solicitors. 

  36. Liaising with mortgage brokers, etc to help facilitate finance applications. 

  37. Liaising with Solicitors regarding the sale and purchase agreement. 

  38. Assisting both parties to arrange moving time, key possession etc. 

  39. Carry out pre- settlement inspections with buyers. 

  40. Putting a SOLD sticker on the sign board. 

  41. Forwarding statistics to NZ Real Estate Institute. 

  42. After the successful settlement of the property send the congratulatory gift to the Vendor.

"Anybody who purchase a property through Kenneth

 Alexis will  be entitled for a Stainless Steel Gas 

Barbecue on the settlement"



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